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Quotes I've been saved for about 15 years now. I wasn't raised in the church or even having any conversation about God at all. I was familiar with the Muslim religion, a Presbyterian Church, etc. but had no knowledge of Jesus. At all. I could curse, I knew how to bait a man and wanted desperately to fit in everywhere I went. I was always "peculiar". I was never successful at evil deeds I tried- ever. It was clear to me that I was different but where would I fit? Well, a series of unfortunate events happened one after another (including the FBI, ugh) and a woman of God called me and asked if I was tired yet. At that moment it clicked- God had orchestrated all of this to save me! That Sunday I went to Church and my life has never been the same! I found my Friend, my life-long faithful Friend. I found my family and I found my purpose- finally. I found Help and I have never been the same :-) Quotes