The Problem with Partying/Clubbing

Posted by [email protected] on September 23, 2017 at 11:35 PM

From the time we are young, the enemy uses society and oftentimes the adults in our lives to plant the seed that partying/clubbing/"going out" is fun. The adults go out, have this supposed “fun”, and then come back and retrieve the children. Later on down the line, we hear them talking about all of the fun and/or adventures they had while out and we decide that we, too, want to have the same fun.

As the days go on, we hear more about this "fun" on the radio every day on the way to school. We see our first glimpses of this fun on television, in kiddie versions on Disney channel and Nickelodeon. We go to our first school dances and experience a seemingly innocent version of a party. And we love it. And we want to experience it again. And then we go to high school and go to another dance, but this one isn’t so innocent. And then we go to our first house party or hotel party. And the cycle continues, except with each experience more innocence is taken away and more sin is introduced. 

When the enemy wants to take us away from God, he introduces sin as being fun, pleasurable, and enjoyable, and this goes for any and every sin. But all of it is a lie. The “fun” is only temporary, and with each passing experience, you go farther from God, which makes it even harder for you to come back to Him, for you to come *closer* to him. The reason why he introduces partying at such a young age is that he knows of the many traps and snares that are hiding in house parties, clubs, and other sinful atmospheres. You get introduced to sensual dancing and physical touch with the opposite sex, and you unconsciously lose more innocence while simultaneously becoming prematurely sexually aroused. This will eventually lead to early sexual experimentation and fornication. This is not right. You also are introduced to your own peers drinking/doing drugs. You observe people using these substances and it eventually plants the seed that these substances “aren’t as bad as you thought they were.” With increased exposure to them, you are weakened, and eventually, you give in and decide that you’ll try them too. (This will eventually lead to increased use of and desire to use these substances. For many people, this will also pave the way to addiction. Remember, you don’t have to consume something every day and you don’t have to give every last dollar you have to be addicted to something. There are young people that you and I know who are addicted to these substances, and they don’t even know it. You have been warned. Stay away from these things; they are not good for you.) 

In partying atmospheres, you are more susceptible to rape, fighting, fornication, orgies, murder, “drunk-driving” (an easy way to die or get hurt fast) and the list goes on. What started (maybe years ago) as seemingly innocent fun takes you into a whirlwind of sin and chaos. You can’t focus in school or at work, you’re losing jobs, you’re in drama with friends and/or family over what you’ve been doing, you lose your focus, your ambition withers, and you seep deeper into trouble.

The enemy also likes to tell us that we’re young, and this is what young people do. In a way, he even makes it seem like we have a *right* to live our lives this way because we are young. But I’m here to tell you that this is not true, and this life leads to natural and spiritual death. The enemy feeds us lies and we think to ourselves, “I’m still young, I’m “out here living”, I’ll get right when I’m older, I have time, My mom/dad/grandma/family did this when they were young, I’m cool, I’m having fun, If I die I’m going to Heaven,” but again, all of these things are lies and excuses the enemy tells to keep you in bondage. The age of accountability is around 12-13. That means that once you surpass those ages, YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO AND YOU *CAN* DIE AND GO TO HELL FOR LIVING IN SIN. (Remember, this is why you need Jesus. To save you so you don’t have to die and go to Hell. So He can redeem you and give you a new way of living). So no, you are NOT too young to live for God. You aren’t young at all, in His eyes. You’re not innocent. You know better. And when you know better, you do better. And if you know better but you refuse to do better, God counts what you do as sin, as mentioned in the Bible in James 4:17 ESV “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” 

I know you all have heard of the Kenneka Jenkins story. It’s a sad situation and a really unfortunate series of events that went on. I know a lot of you will be mad at me for saying this, but what would have happened if she would have stayed home that night? What would have happened if she wasn’t at that party? What would have happened if she wasn’t in a drunken state? And what about her friends and everyone who was there? In a situation like that, Kenneka isn’t the only victim. Those people who were at the party (whether they know what happened to her or not) have to deal with the fact that their friend is GONE, and it could have been avoided. They are living their lives in a state of torment feeling guilty for what happened (whether they are innocent or not). Introduce more drugs, more alcohol, more partying, and more pain. Partying and clubbing are not what you want for your life. People are dying in their sin left and right, and it’s not just Kenneka. This is not the life you want to live.

It’s Saturday night and you have a choice. I challenge you to cancel your plans, and I challenge you to stay home and talk to God about your life. Talk to Him about your life choices, and really reflect on where you’ve been. If you truly desire to live a different life, cry out to God and tell Him that. Ask Him to save you. If you’re one of those people who enjoys living that life, cry out to God and ask him to take away your desire for that lifestyle. It’s not what you want. Heaven and Hell are at stake and time is really running out. Jesus is returning. And whether you die or He returns first you want to know that you’re saved so you can have an eternal, real-resting place for your soul. It’s no way to make it to Heaven without giving up that lifestyle and getting saved. It is my earnest desire that you’ll repent and do things differently while you still have a chance to turn things around. If you need any help, prayer, advice, or if you just want to talk, my DM is open. Judgement-free zone. I care about you and I want you to be saved. And most of all, God cares about you, and HE wants you to be saved. Make the right choice and don’t wait any longer to choose Jesus. Have a good night. #JesusSaves

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