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Going into the new year last year, I had no clue what would come about in 2013, nor who I would be. In the beginning of the 2012 school year, 10th grade, I made sure that at my new school it would be understood that I was a Christian and that my allegiance did belong to God, because I was coming out of the world. I made sure to try my hardest to show that I am for God, because I had never done that before, but I still wanted to be accepted by my old friends.  (Pretty much every year before that, from 6th grade-9th grade, I conformed to the world and their expectations, after being taught to serve God and having my mom as a model for what a real relationship with God looked like.) That year, I endured the "Omg, God will forgive you just do this" and "Oh, we need to corrupt this girl she's having no fun". I got the looks. I endured rejection from some people I thought were really cool. I endured having my picture posted on twitter, a normal one not a creepy one, being made of fun by two mean girls. *sigh, typical  "popular" scene, but nevertheless, very real.

Although I confessed that Jesus was in fact Lord over my life, and the fact that I was a Christian, I still struggled with the people who didn't  go to my new school. I still struggled with my other friends who weren't aware that I was a Christian. What would they say? Would they still want to be my friend? Will they still accept me? So, I still tried to be like them. I tried to keep up with them. I was your typical teen- taking duck faced selfies, mirror pictures, keeping up with the trends, talking like everyone else, seeking to have attention and be on top, striving to have a huge following on twitter and instagram- but in December, it all came up, it all came out, and I was delivered- I tryed my hardest to never look back. My mom told me to deactivate my Instagram (I thought man, I just got 300 new followers) my twitter (NOOOO 1,100 followers down the drain!!) and my Facebook. I promise you guys, it was hard at first. Sooo hard, but I was obedient. And then, I got used to it. Yes, I literally stopped caring and thinking about it and it got to be nature almost. Meanwhile, I was no longer trying to conform to the world, but I still desired for my friends and others to like me. In the beginning of 2013, I can't remember when exactly, but I started fasting and really trying to get closer to God- and that is when all my friends, new and old, knew of and understood my relationship with God. After that, around April or May, I made another instagram- this time I would be different, and it was. This time, I had a huge following. Again, I made sure not to conform to the world, and do worldly things, but I still desired to fit in with them. Oh, the confusion of it. I made my twitter again in June, and again I obtained a big following. But I kept trying. I began to mention God in my bio, I made sure that people understood that I did in fact, belong to God. Still, I was in the process of coming out from amongst them.

Again this year, God is taking me thru a necessary sanctification (according to my mom, haha, but I believe it!) and I have decided to stay off of my instagram (no looking back!) and facebook accounts again. And guess what guys? Out of no where, since January 1st, my imessage and facetime REFUSE to work! ;) I don't have a phone, those are my only means of communication with my friends. :D January 5th, I'm maintaining. I'm pushing. I'm climbing. I'm drawing nearer to God and I'm happy. Friends are leaving, but that's okay. I'm trying out modesty, and I'm happy. I don't want to be like this world, and I'm dusting my feet off to rejection. And I'm loving every bit of it. I'm getting closer to God, and that's comforting. This may not be everyone's story, maybe not everyone has been rejected by the world, maybe not everyone has ventured out and tried to be worldly (or maybe you haven't been honest with yourself and realized it just yet) but it's been my story for most of my life and I'm happy that the days of mild fitting in are gone. Yes mild, you guys didn't seriously think that being peculiar, with wanna' be worldy acts, made me actually fit in, did you? So not worth it!! :) Be who God made you, it looks so much better on you!

Lyrics to a helpful song. Embrace your peculiarity, and embrace the gift God gave to you.

"The systems of the world

Will try to take your confidence

But these systems were designed to make you doubt what heaven sent


The systems of the world

Will try to take your confidence

But these systems were designed to make you sit down on your gift


But the gift God gave to you, give it back to Him

When He sees it operating, it’s a compliment to Him

But the gift God gave to you, give it back to Him

For the gift it will make room, position, for great men to see you


The gift it looks good on you

It looks good on you

The gift it looks good

And you wear it well

God has graced you and you wear it well

Donald Lawrence, the gift :)

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