Happy 2014!

Posted by Aleesha SuEllen on January 2, 2014 at 1:05 PM

Happy 2014 everybody!!!! Can you belive it's already here?! I can't! My little sisters 10th birthday is on the 5th and I'm like, O.o where did all the days go?!?! I have the worst headache ever right now xD And I'm hungry, oh the struggels of being a teen xD


So I am going to tell yall what I got for Christmas!!! Okay, from my mom and step-dad I got: 2 new kinds of eyeshadow, 1 new makeup brush, 1 pair of skinny jeans, 2 shirts, 1 hoodie, a bunch of candy, the whole Narnia book set (ALL 7!!!), 1 book called Before you meet Prince Charming; A guide to radient purity (I read it in one day xD), 1 set of earbuds, 1 new razor, 2 diffrent packs of face cleanong wipes, 1 facial mask, 1 necklace, and some stuff I can't remeber xD. From my Grandma (who lives with us) I got: 1 owl purse, 1 small tub of glass beads (For a diy thing), candy, and I forgot what else xD


I had to get a new computer, and this is my first time using it. I have to personalize it stil. But I am glad to have a new one because my old one was really messed up. The sound stopped working and everything. It's hard getting used to all new stuff, a new mouse, new keyboard, new everything. Okay going off the subject of my new school dcomputer xD I just found an amazing song called Empty My Hands By Tenth Avenue North. It's really good. If you're reading this, you should look it up xD "Empty my hands, fill up my heart" Beautiful lyrics. I am so tired and I am goign to go. Yea I'm to lazy to finish this blog XD

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