6 DAYS?!?!

Posted by Aleesha SuEllen on December 19, 2013 at 10:15 AM

OMG there are only 6 days until Christmas!!! What the world?! I don't have ONE Christmas poem written! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have my dad's family Christmas party THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMIGOSH IT'S THURSDAY AND I HAVE ONLY STARTED MY DADS!!! Guys, I'm panicking. DX Also, I have NO idea what to write the poems about! Like I never have problems writing poems!! 

Well besides not being ready for Christmas I have actually been pretty good. I haven't had time to read my bible yet this morning and every time I try, I have to do something :( I'm just like LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN READ MY WORD!! Yea, I want to have a hunger, and a yearing for the Lord, so if I don't read my bible, that's not really going to happen LOL. Yesterday I read in Psalms and WOW it really packs a punch xD I totally love Psalms. What is your favorite book of the bible? Mine is a tie between Esther, and Psalms. My favorite Psalms is Psalms 23:1-6 This chapter has always stuck out to me since I was big enough to be able to read my bible, and underline. lol. Today I will be reading in Psalms also, so i fI find something totally amazing, I'll make sure to share it with you guys! 

I'm doing science *rolls eyes* I so do NOT like science! Especially since it teaches the Big Bang Theory. Like what the world? Did you know it used to be illegal to teach anything other than that the Lord created everything? I wish it was still like that. Then innocent childern would not be fed lies at school. It really gets me upset xD. 

The snow is slowly melting where I live. The grass is still cover, but the roads and driveways are clear...kinda lol. I hope that we have a white Christmas though. The one thing I do not like about snow is that it's so cold! I'm sitting here freezing my hands off! I'm tempted to put on my gloves, but then it would be hard for me to take my notes. LOLOL! I just heard my little brother (he's 7) say "You know basically fly's are birds" hahahahaha! He's so cute! He's in first grade, and learing about birds, reptiles, and that kind of stuff. xD Ahhh the innocence of young children. I absolutly love my little brother and sister. Of course I love my older siblings too lol. But there is just something about little siblings that is diffrent. Maybe it's because even if they don't act like it, they are going to look up to you. I mean we as older siblings have a responsibility to our younger brothers and or sisters. We are suppose to show them the right way to go, like with collage, and for the girls, what to do when Mother Nature, or as my mom calls it 'Aunt Ruby Flow' xD Visits for the first time lol. Sometimes my sister doesn't want to tell my mom things and so she tells me. (It's usially what boy at church she has a crush on xD) But she trusts me, and tells me her secrets, and I find it a wonderful privalige. I know I'm not always the nicest, but she's almost 10 and I'm 14, of course she's going to get on my nerves, but I love her so much. I am really trying to be a better big sister, you know, watch my attitude twards my siblings. Be a little nicer, and yes, even when Aunt Flow is visiting me. I am a teen and to be compleatly honest, I have an attitude problem, but with the Lords help, I can overcome it!! 

Well I'm going to go! I hope everyone has a good day! Remember, God made you special, and he loves you very much! Goodbye!!!

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