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Posted by FaithTheAmazing on December 13, 2013 at 11:15 PM

Hey Ladys and Gents! (Well If there is any guys here. We may never know! :O) LOl, doesn't matter if you are a woman or male. We all are Gods children! This is actually my first blog post .-. haven't really done one before... So pleas bare with me! 

You, know we really dont think about what we have. Only time we really truly realize we do. Is when we lose it, or nearly lose what we love. No,No, Im not talking about a BF/GF. Im speaking about a pet! A pet that is like family! I remember when I first got my dog Gigi. I was 13 when I first got her <3 She brouhgt so much light in my life. I was on a breaking point in life. I always thought that God was there to help when ever we needed. Well now I realize that God puts us through certain events. To teach us to make us learn.

We make our mistakes its our life he gave us! Meanwhile lets get back to the topic! Lol, Well I was on the breaking point. My brother pulls up with this fluffy white and brown tiny puppy<3 Omg I remember that night so clearly! It was around 10 pm at night. I was talking to two of my neighbors. Then I hear a car pull up and I see a little puppy under my legs hiding from the people. I was shocked and very-very happy at this time. To have an animal that never met you and for it to come to you. It shows what type of person who you are. It shows that things in life are there for you. 

So what Im trying to say is even though life will be hard. That doesn't mean the man above with leave you alone. He will have stuff there for you. You, might have to wait. 

He loves all of us! 

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